Shoe molding…back breaking work

This is the project I had been dreading. Shoe molding is one of those items that you only really notice when it isn’t there. But we had to remove all of the shoe molding in order to install the tile so then we needed to put it back.

The trouble is really that the work is hard on the back and the knees. I highly recommend knee pads.

To prep we sanded all the current molding and wiped them down. Then we installed the molding with a nail gun, fill the nail holes, and painted. I recommend an edged sanding block to get between the groves in the molding.

After days of scrubbing the baseboards, I finally had gotten to my DIY breaking point. I tried to paint a few test spots but soon realized that cutting in while laying on the floor is very difficult. I tried to tape but the runs would still end up on the tile.

We hired a painter to finish the rest of the shoe molding. Ugh! But my knees thanked me.


Tackling Kitchen Cabinets

At first I was so pumped about my Christmas vacation project, and then I knew I reached a point of renovation hell! I had read several blogs and DIY sites to get the top tips. Here’s what we did:

1. Clean the cabinets. I used Krud Kutter.

The mistake I made was that I cleaned cabinets like I was just cleaning the kitchen. What I learned is that I needed to clean every nook and cranny. I didn’t even see that much dirt and greasing coming off the cabinets and I suppose I didn’t think they were that dirty. As a result, the paint was pulling.

Shout out to all my friends on Facebook that offered advice: Jared, Leah, Jennifer, Lisa, Margie, and Amy. It’s so great to hear words of encouragement and advice while you are in the muck of renovation hell, when all seems hopeless.

2. Sand and clean with acetone

Shout out to my awesome neighbor Steve who helped us tremendously on this project and the built in’s…more to come on that.

3. Prime

Shout out to my terrific husband for helping, contracting, and being my rock, as always. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me ❤️

4. Painting

So here is the hardest part, the one I dreaded even considering this project. I tried both paint brush and rolling the paint.

I preferred the paint brush look but in the end used the roller as I thought it would improve the pulling paint.

Then I let each side dry for a day.

While they dried we painted the actual cabinet bases. Again, prime and two coats of paint. Don’t forget to tape everything off.

This was definitely a five day project as the drying took longer than expected. I learned a little trick by putting the rollers and brushes in a bag to keep them without cleaning each day.

The cabinet that were pulling evened out after sanding and painting again.

This was a great and really involved project. But all well worth it in the end.

I really love the way it turned out and the white really made the white appliances disappear! Hurray!!

Back in the saddle again

Welcome back HGTV fans! I am back at it again. It has been three years on the dot when lost my mind, and purchased a house to remodel. Since then, Andrew and I have gotten married!! We feel in love remodeling the Beach House and he hasn’t been able to get rid of me since!! Ha!

Also in the past three years we have moved four times and finally ended up back at the Beach House. We have moved in during the winter season and looked throughout Gulfport for another project. Two weeks ago, we found The Brick House.

This house is a three bedroom two bathroom (thank God) with really good bones. We got some help right away with demo, tile, and paint. Drum roll for the before and after!!


For most of the house we used Sherwin-Williams North Star paint and got the tile from Hood’s. The challenge on this project was the grout. Although the chart stated that on 25 lb bag covers 1,650 sq feet (our house is 1,945) it took us eight bags. Eight freakin’ bags?!? I am now convinced that those that failed math now work for building material companies.

Also Andrew thought that grout dries darker but we selected the darkest Walnut color on this chart and it actually dried lighter. Grout charts are terrible!

After I stuff my face with turkey and stuffing, we will continue to work on the house for this Christmas vacation. More to come…

Ugh!  Those summer niiiiiiights!

As the summer season comes to a close, I am so very proud about what the beach house has accomplished!  This summer I had each weekend booked from May though August. It has been a great adventure opening my home to complete strangers each week on Airbnb. Each weekend offered a new set of visitors traveling to the Gulf Coast. I had a group of bikers stay for a bike race, one family saw the beach for the first time, birthday celebrations, weekend get away’s, and even some of my own R&R. I really enjoyed hosting and making everyone feel comfortable and experience a great weekend. I even have a five star rating as a host! Now that things are slowing down I hope to get some additional DIY projects done in the barn such as painting an old chest, creating herb planters, and making curtains.  In the spring I hope to plant some much needed flower beds and even look at installing a white picket fence. That will be a fantastic challenge considering I know as much about gardening as I knew about painting a few months ago. Live and learn!!

What’s on the outside counts

For the beach house, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. We finished up the outside paint job and the place looks amazing!!  


We used the same lady that refinished the floors. She pitched a fit because we held her last check till she painted the shutters. Who would skip the shutters?!? As a result in her last stand she has chosen to steal the ladder that was in the garage. What is wrong with people?!?  Oh well, the house looks much better. 





The house is ready for renters!  Let me know if you are interested!

Getting the curtains to match the rug

This weekend was all about sprusing up the bedroom…where all the magic happens.  

So here is the deal, I thought I would be Suzzie Homemaker and sow my own curtains; however I found a steal at Big Lots for $10 per curtain. I could not pass it up!  I also got out my handy dandy metallic spray paint and painted some old  curtain rods.  

 to paint the screws I punched them through a styrofoam plate
The curtains turned out great! 

I also got throw pillows from Tuesday Morning for $15 and a painting from Big Lots for $15. I still need to raise the light fixture but I think things turned out better than I had imagined. Here is the before and after. 


The newest project was to design and paint two wooden rocking chairs for the front porch.   

 I used two colors in high gloss to give the chairs a more beachy feel.  
 I used Jomax to clean, sanded, and primed each chair two weeks ago. Jomax is a true miracle!  It magically takes off all dirt and mold. In fact, I used it on the side of my house too. 

I could go on and on about how much I love Jomax!

Back to the chairs, this past weekend I started painting them. Yes, those are my sexy painting clothes!  
 I did two coats on this chair.   
Gilly and I had a bit of a competition. He got one coat of paint on his chair. I think we will add one more coat but you can see that one coat did a great job!!


Now it looks so beachy and inviting!!  Can’t wait to relax in my rocking chair and listen to the waves on the beach.  


Mirror make over

Most of you that know me, you know how cheap I can be. But when I heard of this amazing Chalk paint that was $39 for a small 32 oz can, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to know what all the hype was about!  Gilly’s sister in law owns a really cool store in Baton Rouge called LD Linens on Perkins Road. They sell Annie Solan Chalk paint. I chose the most popular color, Old White. I opted out on purchasing the wax coating.  

We had a Pottery Barn mirror which had an old brown finish that didn’t go with any of the light colors in the house. I chose this piece to use the chalk paint and experiment. 

I used my new favorite paint brush that I purchased from Lowes to paint the trim in the house. I found out the hard way that a good paint brush can save time and energy. 

With this paint, you don’t have to prime or sandy…nice!!  The first coat felt thick at first but I had a bit of trouble covering the old brown color.  

I let the paint dry for 30 minutes which was not long enough. I would recommend twice that drying time. 

Here is the first coat. 

Here is the second coat which was a big improvement. It was much easier to get the coverage and thickness I was looking for. 


It turned out “ok” but I am going to have to fork over the additional $20 for the antiquing wax. Ugh!


That rug really tied the room together!

Things are really coming together!  I had my family over for Easter dinner. We fit 15 people in my little cottage. We had an excellent time!  It was raining so the kids had an Easter egg hunt in the empty bedrooms. Ha!
My awesome friend Megan gave me two really cool chairs. I started to think I was superwoman and that I could recover them. Well that was a good brain fart!  I decided to get some chair covers instead. Hmmm!  Much better idea. Above are the results. I also got a great rug to “really tied the room together” -Big Lebowski

Above is the after picture and here is the before picture: 

Gilly installed the pendants. He is the best!!! 

I also had to add a bit of personality to my bathroom.

This weekend Gilly and I worked on sprucing up some rocking chairs for the front porch. More to come…

I’m so excited that I can finally start to relax and have fun with the place!

The Big Reveal!

I am so excited to share with you the video of all the before and after photos. There are still some things I need to complete such as a porch and painting the exterior but the majority of the remodel work is complete!  Here are some of my learnings:

  • Painting is easier than you think. I quickly became an expert at cutting. The secret is to listen to some great tunes (80s pop preferably), sing your head off, and take your time. 
  • Try out Craigslist!  I got a sliding glass door for $100 (lowes would have been $450). I also sold some odds and ends for extra cash.  It takes like 5 seconds and is always worth a glance before making any Lowes purchases. 
  • You will always blow your budget. Period. End of story. 
  • Never pay someone until the work is 110% done. The lady doing my floors never showed up to do the last coat. Why you ask???  Because I am a dumb ass!!!  I gave her the last check before she finished the last coat. Stupid stupid stupid!
  • Lowes has a great credit card which gives you 5% off all purchases and 10% on your initial purchase. I think I saved $750. Winner winner chicken dinner!!🐔🐔🐔
  • If you have a vision, trust that it will all come together in the end. I promise 😉

I will continue to blog about projects and additional work. Perhaps even a snap shot from the beach.